Twitter Expert Connect Part 3—Reflection Post


Twitter Expert Connect Reflection Post

Hey there! Welcome to my Twitter Expert Connect Blog Post! I’m doing an interesting project nowadays, which is the self-driving car. I already did a lot of researches and asked some experts on this artificial intelligence technology. I found the experts on Twitter, who are really really friendly and helped me a lot  (@walky22talky ‏, , ) Some of these people are designers, some of them are car lovers, and some of them are also interested in self-driving car, that’s why I followed them. I asked them many questions, which I’m confusing with, or some special questions I want to recognize. Their answers helped me very much for my Genius Hour Project, and some of the answers even are on my Project Tracker! For examples, I asked the market of self-driving car in the future, the difficulties to produce this technology, the core technology, the relation between this technology and human being, the status in the transportation in the future.  At first, I was really worried about how to ask them questions, I was afraid of making grammar errors, replying them, asking silly questions etc. But, after I finished asking them, I found that I wasn’t afraid anymore, and I became very self-confident. All of those answers support me to do more researches and reports in the future! Absolutely, every single information is very important for me, and they are really useful. They can be my nice resources to continue researching. And the information will be appearing in my Genius Hour presentation, too. 🙂

I got some quite crucial information as the final results.”The market of self-driving car is very bright in the future, as soon as it appears on the market, a considerable number of  people will require them.” “The appearance of self-driving car in the future even can affect the transportation!” ” The problems of producing this technology are Reading Body Language: A purely interpretive problem that self-driving cars cannot yet solve is that of making sense of the way people hold themselves and move. Difficult to detecting which small objects in the roadway…” Almost them responded me on Twitter and followed me back. Some of them are super enthusiastic, they gave me more information, which has been beyond the scope of my questions!

Self-driving car and artificial intelligence are the technologies are the popular topics in the world! And my researches in the project are just a tiny bit of the whole technology. But it also excites my interest in the artificial intelligence domain. And one of my dreams is to create a brand new stuff in the world like Microsoft! If I can achieve my dream, at that time, that technology will be servicing for all human beings! And I’ll also find some friends in the school, who are also interested in artificial intelligence to search and discover the self-driving car together! And I believe I can develop a new technology that belongs to me!


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SBC.8—My thought of commenting

My thought of commenting

Comment is a requirement for every posts. And it is a good way to reflect readers’ thoughts and opinions. As for me, I love to read every comment in my every posts, even in my communication apps. I think I know if my friends like my posts by their comments. And another reason I love to read comment is it can develop the friendship, you can make some new friends through the comment, such as someone comments on your post, and you find that you two have the same topics, that’s really awesome. Also, I like to comment on others’ posts, I think I can express my thought.

I think the only annoyed thing of comment is some creepy people always like to comment some stupid and vulgar things on your posts. As soon as I find these kinds of comments on my posts, I’ll put them in the black list forever.

As for me, I never think finding some quality and interesting posts is a problem. I’ll follow my classmates, and also pay attention to their comment. If I find some interesting or moving comment, I will go visit their homepage, even I don’t who are they.

To be honest, I only got a few comments, but every of them is very quality. The reason I only got a few comments maybe I don’t comment others’ posts very often, and I don’t spend a lot of time to decorate my blog, such as my homepage, the widgets, the background etc.

Genius Hour Project#1 Reflection

  Genius Hour Project Reflection

Hello everyone, welcome to my new post! In the past period of time, I was researching about the water environment and its regeneration and utilization for my Genius Hour Project. (I will post the link of my project presentation in the bottom.)

  At first, I was very confused, because I didn’t know what do I need to study. But soon after, I watched a news on the TV, it said some regions in Africa are very lack of water, so I decided to do water. According to my idea, I’ve came up with three topics, they were the situation of the water environment, the seriousness of water pollution and the ways that people are using to protect water and some of my personal opinions.

  During my studies, I’ve learnt some brand-new things, and they were completely different from my previous opinions. Our daily requirement, tap water, draws ground water, lakes and rivers through the bumping stations of  the water plant. And  the sum of freshwater, lakes and rivers on the ground adds up to about only 30% of the total freshwater resources. In many countries, the water pollution has been a big problem which bothering them for a long time.  The dirty water can bring many serious diseases, such as Typhoid, Cholera, Paratyphoid Fever, Dysentery, Jaundice. In the sewage,  it’s up to more than 2221 pollutants. Nowadays, many countries introduced some policies to protect water successively. And it is possible to desalt seawater into freshwater. There are many large desalination plants are using this technology in the Middle East. 

I think it was a good opportunity for me to recognize the water situation in the world. This research helps me to learn more about the world ecology,  and after this research, I have a new understanding of the world water environment. It will help a lot in my farther studies. Although this tiny research cannot affect the world, but it can appeals more and more people taking action to prevent water pollution and save water, at least the people around me. 

Lastly, in my next Genius Hour Project, I will do some researches about self-driving car. I think this kind of new technology will change and affect car market in the future. And it will be a big and important breakthrough in the smart domain. 




Presentation Link:


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SBC.5—Talk about my school

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about my middle school in China and my high school in Dakar, Senegal, which is ISD.

When I was 12 years old, I went to my middle school in Zhengzhou, China, which called Henan Experimental School.

 Although the educational system in China was completely different from others, which is much more strict. But, I also met my best friends. The school is really big, the flyover connects the two campuses.  There are 3 canteens there, one of them has three floors. The food is very cheap and delicious. According to the 7th graders and 8th graders, they go to school from Mondays to Fridays, and the 9th graders have to go to school from Mondays to Saturdays. When I was there as the 8th grader, the class started at 7:1o in the morning. At 12:00, we will have a break. It was from 12:00 to 2:10. And all of the finished at 18:00. I stayed at there for two years.

I came to ISD to start my 9th grade this summer. The school life is much lighter than when I was in China. The school starts at 8:30 and finish at 15:20. I also start some new classes which I didn’t have in China, such as Digital Citizen, Critical Thinking, French. But I think the food here is expensive, and we don’t have enough lunch time.


Notify: All pictures were taken by myself.

SBC.4—My collection of quotations(Free choice)

  1. Not because of happiness but because of care less!
  2. I do not think whether it can be successful. Since I have chosen a distant place, I can only take care of it.
  3. f the mind does not like the sea, how can there be the same cause of the sea.
  4. Will goals do not exist in nature, but hidden in life.
  5. Life is like a greenery. As time goes on, it turns yellowish slowly, but his veins are still visible.
  6. Never ask for life can give me the best, but persistent in seeking the most suitable for me!
  7. go very slowly! But I never go back!
  8. This society is not fair to exist, do not complain, because it is useless! People always improve in reflection!
  9. I  do not know the taste of leaving is so bleak, I do not know to say goodbye to be so strong.
  10. Sincerity does not mean blaming others for their shortcomings, but it does mean compliments others.

SBC.3—Landscape(Activity 3 )

The sky turned cloudy, heavy rains like silver needles dropped down from the sky. That day was October 27th, 2016, Zed’s cousin’s birthday. Zed really wanted to go home early and have a video call with his cousin who was far away in South Korea.  

 But backfired, because he didn’t finish his homework for the last day, he must finish his rest homework in school, so that he came out school very late. And he got a lot of homework to do. In the cold and rainy city of Paris in Autumn, people can always feel bursts of chill.

 Fitz, Zed’s best friend also didn’t finish his homework, so they decided to go back home together. They went to the parking lot to unlock their bicycles. Because of the cold weather and bad quality of Zed’s bicycle key, the key became a little bit tough that it was difficult to unlock the locker.