SBC.8—My thought of commenting

My thought of commenting

Comment is a requirement for every posts. And it is a good way to reflect readers’ thoughts and opinions. As for me, I love to read every comment in my every posts, even in my communication apps. I think I know if my friends like my posts by their comments. And another reason I love to read comment is it can develop the friendship, you can make some new friends through the comment, such as someone comments on your post, and you find that you two have the same topics, that’s really awesome. Also, I like to comment on others’ posts, I think I can express my thought.

I think the only annoyed thing of comment is some creepy people always like to comment some stupid and vulgar things on your posts. As soon as I find these kinds of comments on my posts, I’ll put them in the black list forever.

As for me, I never think finding some¬†quality and interesting posts is a problem. I’ll follow my classmates, and also pay attention to their comment. If I find some interesting or moving comment, I will go visit their homepage, even I don’t who are they.

To be honest, I only got a few comments, but every of them is very quality. The reason I only got a few comments maybe I don’t comment others’ posts very often, and I don’t spend a lot of time to decorate my blog, such as my homepage, the widgets, the background etc.

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